Having fun in Luang Prabang

Tat Kuang Si, Luang Prabang, Laos

I woke up a little wrinkled, I sipped a coffee, but I have to go across the old bridge. I gotta go Meet Markus Neuer part of Tiger Trail a company that organizes fair treks in Laos. I found a job posted on the internet for Internet marketing for the company. I redid my resume. I sent a letter of intent and in less than 24 hours I have a positive response. So I went to the offices of Tiger Trail located just aside the city. The office is well and the receptionist make me sign to go on the second floor to meet Markus in his office. People sitting in the office are really friendly make me sconfortable. He speaks a bit of the work, the tasks that I should do and I assure him that I have the necessary background to accomplish this mission. He said that unfortunately for the moment there waiting for funding for an expansion that will allow the company to offer treks throughout Asia within two months.I’m very interested to working with them but I can not wait 2 months here I should return when the position opens. I thank him and ask him if I can make a trekking for better know the company before work for them.

I decided to make the free tour of « tubing » courtesy of LPB Backpackers Hostel. A small truck ride to the river and we went down for an hour through the fishermen, gardens and children who benefit from the river to wash. Really a funny experience with four Russians who barely understand English.

Today, I decided to visit the Kuang Si falls with 4 Canadians from Toronto and Vancouver. we had a 35 minutes truck ride through the countryside of Luang Prabang. Finally, we see the true face of this mountain city. The city is shaped gradually for tourists who come and go to see this world heritage city.

Arriving at the site we are asked 20,000 kip ($ 2.50) for granted access. 2 minutes walk are needed to reach the first point of interest. home of the Asian black bearsrescue center. Who help them recovered and assist in their conservation, because they are in danger of extinction. A lot of people hunt and sell them to underground networks of Chinese medicine for their supposed medicinal property. In addition, intensive logging in northern Laos are continuously reducing their natural habitat and their food supply. You can get more information on the site bearlao

Finally we arrive at a beautiful lagoon like tropical island paradise. The landscape is surreal see the emerald green waters in the middle of these dense jungle. The site is really well equipped and you can’t miss to make a visit. There are several pools where you can refresh in cold water or you can finally enjoy the warmth in the sometimes suffocating Laos.

Truly one of my favorites of Luang Prabang.

bobby Dennie

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