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Even more quality content, thanks to you! is proud to create a new interactive section that will keep readers informed and involved personally in the development of unique content. This concept will add stories of adventures in Southeast Asia experienced by real travellers for real travellers. We are looking for original perspectives on subjects that have not been published elsewhere before. Be creative, be out of the ordinary, let’s talk about your guts and leave your Lonely Planet at home.

This also means sharing your experiences! Your grilled scorpions in the jungles of Cambodia, the time when you’re lost in the dark alleys of Bangkok or a restaurant that has surprised you. Tell your tales with passion and personality like you would to a trusted old friend!

Send us your travel stories, your advice, suggestions, impressions, your testimonies … they will be published on our website with a selection of your best photos! This is your only commitment!

It will also be a great opportunity for you to keep in touch with your loved ones, be read by our many readers, send traffic, add a link to your personal blog and enjoy some privilege for your next travel. Visit our postcard section for more details and enjoy texts and photos sent in by our new contributors.

Thank you in advance for participating and following his adventures on

Send all to this address: [email protected]

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GetLostinAsia est édité par Bobby Dennie un canadien amoureux de l'Asie basé à Singapour qui couvre le terrain depuis 2007. visitez la page a propos GetLostinAsia is edited by Bobby Dennie a Canadian based in Singapore. I am a South East Asia travelling Junkie.I am writing and discovering asia since 2007.

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