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lac Dian China
Lac Dian


Here’s the second postcard which is sent by a Polish retired couple that I met in Luang Prabang backpacker hostel. This extraordinary and friendly pair  quickly shared their joy with me. Together since primary school, this lovely duo of perpetual travellers discover the world like children in a candy store.

I sat at their table enjoying a beer while chatting. I said with satisfaction that I had been travelling for 6 months in this region of Asia .. » Ha! You have been travelling for six months?! » he said, laughing heartily. We have had 28 months of travelling around the world and we do not yet intend to return home. Wow 28 months! I feel inferior now with my short six months … hehehe!

We continued our discussion and he taught me lots of little tricks to save and extend the trip on the same budget. They are as passionate about travelling as I do.

They sent us pictures of the Kunming Zoo, China which was one of their many destinations. They promised to send more comments and observations in the future … No problem my friends, your news reports are always welcomed.

Location: Kunming, China

Canal dans Kunming
Canal dans Kunming

Getting to Kunming from Luang Prabang in Laos, buses are a popular mode of transport. For about $ 43 U.S., you can buy a ticket to go there directly. Ask your local hôtels and agencies for the right departure station which offers long distance transport to China or Laos. Expect a long journey of 28 hours ride on bumpy roads. Be careful with your valuables because robberies of bags ,which were placed right next to the passengers, have been reported.

Kunming is located on a plateau of eastern Yunnan. The altitude of the center city is 1894 m. Surrounded by mountains on three sides and overlooking Lake Dian from the south, the city enjoys a temperate climate all year long.

lac Dian China
Lac Dian

Emerald Lake garden in the heart of the city and the park overlooking the lake Daguanlou Dian southwest of the city are the most popular attractions.

Other attractions are:
– The Provincial Museum of Yunnan and Kunming Municipal Museum for its collection of bronzes, Buddhist sculptures, etc..
– Temple of Yuantong, Temple Hills West, the Golden Temple, the Temple of Bamboo
– Museum and Park of Yunnan minorities
– City Zoo
– Bird market (old quarter still preserved)

Kunming China video

Article unusual link:
A park where visitors can see coming widget people. They live in houses in mushrooms shape

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