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My brother give me a ride around 6:00 am to the Quebec Airport . Too cool to leave from his own city and not have to do 300 km during the night or the day before. It will become a usual flight trip from my hometown. This airport is so small that it’s useless to go early before departure.  I exchanged my poor $ 180 Canadian they give me back $ 155 U.S., a loss of $ 25, there goes my precious money.

I landed in Chicago all goes smoothly, the Customs gave me a warm welcome. It’s very different from my past experiences with Americans Montreal custom. I entered like how one would a 7-Eleven, I like the yellow alert grade. Viva America ..!

3:00 p.m., I flew from Chicago to Hong Kong. An endless flight of 15 hours 26 minutes. I looked at the in flight airline magazine. I saw some prices on beer and drinks. Oh shit! However, I checked on expedia.com and it seemed that there was no charge on the drink for international flights on Delta Airline . The stewardess walked with her trolley, but I see only pathetic coke cans and orange juice … oh my God! The journey may be long without liquid sleeping  pills. Oh! This old « tricky » Asiatic got a bottle of red wine …I’m saved … beep! beeep! vodka orange juice please …. The trip suddenly becomes more comfortable.

I joined a friendly original traveler who comes from the same city as me. He will join his friend who is now a lawyer in Hong Kong. We talked a bit and went to sleep as much as possible on our respective seats. Fifteen lucky people don’t have someone sitting on either sides of them and they can sleep on their full-length. Ah, lucky …. I found it hard to fall  asleep and I watch the too Extreme Hollywood action movie Iron Man 2 for the third time with eyes half-closed. Not to say I wished I had the choice of film or my own portable DVD player. 15 hours is a long trip, finally the captain announces the arrival into Hong Kong. I’m finally in my promised land : Asia. The Hong Kong airport is not very impressive and it seems to me that mountains surround. Weird, the skyscrapers I was expecting were out of sight.

Hong Kong Airport

I find the comfortable Asian smoking rooms where CNN broadcasts Hong Kong (HK) played continuously. I have not slept for 15 hours and I am beginning to be tired . I went  around the airport. There are the traditional duty free with major brand stores such as Gucci. I noticed a strange candy store filled with « hong kongian » who seemed to be addicted. I entered what I believed to be a convenience store, but it was a pharmacy of traditional Chinese medicines…Do have you beer ..It’s Canadian medecine lol Lol ….I exchanged $20 US dollar to Hong Kong money so that I can contact my girlfriend. I wanted to tell her that everything is going well and to pick me at the airport because I was arriving shortly. The phones did not seem to want to work with me, you must see their coins which are so thick. It’s unbelievable that they can fit into the public handset slot. There is even a piece that looks like a star rounded corner. They are crazy this Chinese oh excuse me « Hong konnese! » I saw some computers back in the corridors and a user looking like a tourist. I asked him what he did to gain access to the internet. He said: « You must go into the restaurant next door. » I went in to ask what’s the deal, they said, just buy anything and we will give you access … OK I’ll take this Corona! yummy … $ 5 for a beer and internet access. A small miracle in an airport … thank you Mao …

hong kong coin

I sent my confirmation email to my girlfriend, I went back in the same plane and at the same place … it was refueled, the crew changed and it was clean. A cloud of mist came out of the ceiling and flooded the plane, what happens there, apparently nothing special. It’s just a way to cool the air more quickly. It is scary to see when you’ve never seen the fog from the ceiling just before takeoff. This time, I am lucky there is no one sitting in my row of three seats. I can finally sleep all the way til the end of the flight. Recovering just in time before my final destination, Singapore in 3 hours and 30 minutes. I advise you to share your flight with a bloody mary, it’s tasty and it’s smooth on your stomach with the spicy Clamato. I landed at the airport and I went to passport control. Still, a moment of doubt and stress is leading. The customs looked intensively at my passport which was almost used to its full capacity. What are you doing in Singapore? I am just visiting a friend. You must register their details here, I take a book of matches torn with the number of my beloved and wrote the same thing on the official form. hmmm not very professional all that I thought in my head. She asked to see my return ticket and finally stamped my visa free for 30 days … I’m officially in this tiny country which is totally unknown to me. Let the adventure begin ….

bobby Dennie

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