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Sorry dear faithful reader of to have neglected you during the last month, but I have to fix several important issues to relocate myself permently in Singapore. A new passport, several interviews for work. I got a work contract. It only remains me to wait for my license and I could finally concentrate on my new life and write more often on this site. In the meantime, I offer an overview in pictures and facts about life in « Lion City« .

Singapore is located in Southeast Asia. it extends over 682 km square and has 63 small islands that are mostly uninhabited. SG could be compare to the city of San Francisco in the U.S. for is size.

English is the official language, but it live and mixes with a lot of other language like Malay, Mandarin Chinese and Tamil. In fact, we speak singlish!

Bukit Timah Hill at 164 m above sea level is the highest point of Singapore.

The largest artificial waterfall in the world is at Jurong Bird Park with its imposing 30-meter drop

The largest fountain in the world is at Suntec City complex in Singapore.

We talk about the airport as being extraordinary, it seemed like a strange huge mall for me with its big carpet and glass ceilings…

Changi airport

Comex, an electonic expo where people go crazy. A big bazar where hundred people to not to say thousand visit kiosks product hi-tec (giant screen, digital camera, computer, mobile phone) and tries to have great savings.

Comex 2010
Comex electronic expo

The underground « parking » facility are techno and clean
(rechargeable smart card, signs telling us through small red light and green free spaces), we sometimes spend more time circling to find a place in the parking lots than go to destination … They have clean, parking!

Super markets with dentists consultations, prices and products are similar to America.

Cigarettes SG $ 11.70 Pack of 20, vodka or alcool for 68 SG $ per liter. It’s not cheap to have bad habbits in this tiny country.

Visit the Canada Embassy of, you must have your papers if you not be prepare to pay, $ 65 to submit a form that replaces my birth certificate for 2 years passport. Nice office on the 11th floor.

The Botanical Garden is huge, filled with tropical plants and impressive trees, it’s free and it’s a must to relax in the fresh air or taking wedding photos.

botanic garden

Although the city is highly urbanized and densely populated Singapore have lot of green space and many average building size. We could say that it’s a city on a human scale with a nice quality lifestyle.

Food is everywhere. Forget the streetfood and restaurants on wheels which populated the streets of the rest of Southeast Asia. Here we get three kinds of places to eat. The « foodcourt » self-service with air conditioning, often located in one of the many malls along the subway stations, they offer a wide variety of food (Indian, Chinese, Korean, Malaysian, Indonesian and bad copy of western food for a small $ 5 on average). The « coffee shop » is several small neighborhood restaurants under the same open area with a roof to protect from the rain and sun. The common user are workers and families wanting to enjoy the local hybrid food. Indian dishes, Chinese and Malay are very well represented. It’s a full plate for $ 3.50 s to $ 7 .. Finally, there are restaurants that offer the same dishes and selected international gourmet food at expensive price in prestigious decorations.


The end of Ramadan, families visit each other to celebrate dressed in their finest shinny clothes of the same color.hey look is the purple family ..

There are no police oppression, forget the fines for a paper not bin. It is only to contain the abuses. in a month I did’nt crossed police on alert or I never felt rushed by anybody.

Luxe and technology are surronded, Ferrari, Orchard Road with it’s large branding stores such as Miu Miu, Louis Vutton, Armani and his 5.9 billion casino with a boat shape on top of in downtown in the marina.

International activities are follow each other at full speed: the Singapore grand prix, electronics expo, youth Olympic Youth and many more.


Public apartment blocks where thousands of people live on ten floors are discreet and quiet. I never hear a sound.

The favorite sports of Singaporeans are shopping, eating at any time of day and night and sending text messages with their mobile phone.

The « McDonald’s lounge » is the place to be the friday night. Trendy music and burger for the « teenager dream » … Mc Party!

mc do

Traffic in the streets is acceptable and very well manage, train and « Subway » will take you anywhere in the country at low cost.

Many people meet in local cafes for interviews, work meetings and homework.

The great port of Singapore is one of the busiest in the world after Shanghai. 134 giant cranes are loading thousands of tonnes of marchandise to cargo from around the world.


The young Singapore « hard on » like to show big and spend lot of money to customize their car despite the expensivre price of cars … Honda fit for $ 60 000 / BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo $ 306.800 – $ 389.800

The « Hello Kitty » and is pink bastard crap are everywhere

About 90% of Singapore’s population lives in public housing towers. Condominiums and houses are overpriced and they are reserved for married people or more than 35 years old.

About 80 percent of the population owns a cell phone, 50% of iPhone, the phone companies add 30 000 to 40 000 new numbers every month

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