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– This is the Golden Week! National holiday, the Japanese even more stressed!

The Golden Week is like the construction holiday, but for one week only. According to a very scientific survey Get Lost News: 75% of Japanese hate the Golden week because everyone take their vacation at the same time and it’s full of gear around, so they come back more stressed . 25% of Japanese hate the Golden week because they have to work anyway. So they are more stressed. Same shit. Different country.


– Abenomics shmabenomics Japan paves the way for an economic recovery.

Household spending in Japan surged in March at the fastest pace in nine years, a sign that the bold steps of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe raise consumer confidence and paves the way for a resumption économique.Le same newspaper reported the week of front there was deflation in the country, a sign that Abenomics work more or less. The day economists will agree on whether the economy is good or bad will, I will run naked at the Tokyo Dome for a Giants game.


– Shinzo Abe, Japan goes to war

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called for a constitutional amendment. He wants to revise the procedures for amendment under Article 96pour make it easier to change some clauses. The revision could radically alter the fundamental nature of Constitution.d all the more if Article 9 should be changed. (Article 9 states that Japan renounces engage in a conflict.) This simply means that Abe wants to change the clause limiting Japan only a Self-Defense Force to put more cash in the military.


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– Kim Jong a quarterback

North Korea condemned a U.S. citizen to 15 years hard labor. Kenneth Bae, a Korean-American citizen, was sentenced to 15 years ‘forced labor’ in North Korea for unspecified crimes against the country. The strategy is obvious: as the mood turns slowly to the dialogue, you little Kim will use as currency for trades with the USA.

– A little current in the cottages North Korean nuclear reactor light?

North Korea seems to have almost completed a new small nuclear reactor that could be launched in the first half of next year, according to U.S. website specializing in the analysis of satellite imagery.


– AU industrial complex Kaseong DMZ a scene worthy of the CIA

The two Koreas reached an agreement last hour Friday on the payment of wages of North Korean workers in the industrial complex Kaseong now closed. South Korea sent a guy in BMW style « The Transporter » with a briefcase containing $ 10 million (won?), Once the last seven South Korean workers were confirmed to be on the way back.


– An author agrees with me about North Korea with his book, « The Real North Korea:

Life and Politics in the Stalinist Failed Utopia « , the expert Andrei Lankov argues the point that leaders in Pyongyang are not so crazy, but they are skilled manipulators who know that their survival depends on the maintenance of the status quo Its interesting, but long exposure.:


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– In China, economic divorce upward to avoid the new tax!

Marriage is more often than not a matter of business in China, and now it includes divorce! In this way, Chinese citizens can avoid new restrictions on real estate. A tax of 20 percent on profits from the sale of a second home in Beijing and Shanghai and an increase in deposits and wholesale hypothécaires.En rate, couples who have two houses and want to sell rather opt for divorce instead of paying taxes on the sale of their second home (after divorcing, they are considered as two individuals who each had a house). Since the new restrictions, the center of Zhabei District in Shanghai issued a record number of 53 divorces in one day.

Everything is a matter of cash in China …


– Horrible history in a daycare

… and it begins in child care. Horrible story. Two preschoolers were death from poisoning, the result of a competition between two rival centers in Hebei Province. A woman and her two granddaughters found a bag containing a bottle of yogurt and coloring books by going to the nursery. The woman made the bag at home. When her granddaughters, ages 5 and 6, are returned in the afternoon, they drank yogurt while the grandmother was cooking. The two girls were found on the floor in spasms, foaming at the mouth. The eldest died in the ambulance a few hours later, the girl died Wednesday after being in hospital for a week.

Yogurt contains the tetramine, rat poison. After a preliminary investigation, the police discovered that the drink poisoned intentionally been left in the street by people linked to another kindergarten in the county.



– That’s right, the « Chinese Dream » – Pollution, divorce, murder in the schools?

The global influence of China is booming and in ten years, it is expected that the economy exceeds that of the USA. During his first weeks in office, the new Communist Party leader, Xi Jinping, spoke of his new leitmotifs, the Chinese Dream, evoking its American counterpart. Pollution, divorce, murder in schools. This is a bad start for the Chinese dream.


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– A Girl’s group based style of dress as the ups and downs of the Nikkei If the Nikkei is down, long skirt. If it is high, miniskirt.


– Mount Fuji a World Heritage Site by UNESCO

It will be confirmed at the next World Heritage Committee of UNESCO in Cambodia this June. Mt Fuji (Fuji-san, as it is called in Japan) is by far the most revered peak of the nation and the highest at 3,776 meters (12,460 feet). Fuji is also one of the most sacred places in the nation and one of the « Three Holy Mountains », alongside Mt Tate and Mt. Haku.


– Iron Man 3 smashes the Box Office and breaking records in China

Iron Man 3 broke the box office raking in China 130 million yuan (21.1 million U.S. dollars) in its opening day. The film was partly shot in China. The Chinese have also entitled to China-only version of the film, where more scenes with Chinese actress Li Bingbing be shown.


– Psy’s cartoon style

The story of the rise of the global Psy fame with his breakout hit Gangnam Style has been immortalized in a color cartoon, with appropriate dramatic flourishes. The comic covers the decade pre-Gangnam Psy Korea, the origins of the video and dance, and the fame that followed.

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