Konglor a 7km cave Khammouane province Laos


One week to take it easy in a villa in Krabi: http://www.kaleane.com/ Thailand.

Good; not too expensive; experience that is fun for a group or family . Just $ 20-30 per person in low season. In the pool, the sea and many other sweet treat . We can plan a tailor made holiday at a reasonable price . Then we flew from Phuket to Udon Thani. A good way to get to Laos at reasonable prices. At your destination , it remains only to take a bus or a taxi to the Friendship Bridge and crossing the border between Thailand and Laos. This is much faster and more user friendly than the night train from Bangkok .




Vientiane is the capital of Laos is changing rapidly , the disorganized and rustic charm that defined it left its place to a city in the change to the present and the future. Things happen at a constant speed . In just five years, I ‘ve seen a lot of progress. Many things disappear and new best built it to appear . Young people have their eyes open to the future and they thirst for knowledge. They understand only English and technical knowledge. They have a more thriving in the rice fields of their grandparent future. The city is refreshed , but it is still not the most bustling of Asia and it is still dusty .


We discovered a new unique place worth seeing. A 3-5 hour drive south of Vientiane are caves Konglor of Khammouane province.


A little theory on Khammouane in Laos and Tha Khaek

Travelers often use Province Khammuan as the gateway between Thailand and Vietnam, in the direction of more popular destinations such as the 4000 islands and Champassak . Yet Khammouane has a better potential for trekking and tour the rest of southern Laos. The poor condition of roads and lack of infrastructure are hampering the tourist development.




Far on small winding streets , in the heart of mountainous rural asleep in time found the gate of the park. We support a small entrance to our car park for us before parking on uneven ground price. Definitely this place is not the most popular attraction for tourist buses . The counter to pay admission asks us 100,000 kip per boat and 5,000 kip per person is about $ 15. You can rent headlamps and accessories for one dollar. I advise you to take because the cave is dark.


One enters the cave Konglor and sees in its regular opening dimension lies a huge living impressive limestone. Nature will always impress us . There had to be a big river that once flowed to an opening of this size in stone. I had no idea that we were going to navigate inside so I came with my little 6 month old daughter in her belly bag. No choice but to go! Go hop in the boat dad .




Here are the highlights of this adventure :

– The huge cave ceilings can reach more than 30 meters at its maximum


– The guide is not very talkative on tour in silence. learn to have an English speaking guide


– The cave is dark , bring to light what must have had a better lighting system at the beginning flew more than 10 years


– Bring warm clothes, it’s cold and wet outside compared


– It takes about an hour of discovery and navigation before exiting the other side of the mountain


– The end of the tunnel in a dense jungle out of nowhere is the highlight of this expedition


– There are not many tourists and so much the better . It would lose its charm.


– A stop of 45 minutes to the other camps listed is made or can be cool and talk about the adventure before returned to the starting point of the other sides of the mountain


– The tunnel is the only means of communication with the outside and goods for the people side of the drill .à


Archaeological Discovery and unique species in the region.


Cave Tam Pa Ling, instead of discovering the oldest « totally modern » Asian man , consists of a single room measuring 40 m wide , 30 m long and 12 m high. We found eyeless albino unique species of spiders and scorpions.


A great activity and a unique and natural to discover for all visitors around Vientiane where to go to southern Laos tourist attraction. There’s several other cave and tunnel in the region visited . We discovered some new last year , one with hundreds of Buddha images . It really is worth exploring this province and its attractions. Even if it is harder to access. You will be rewarded with a unique decor, friendly people and very affordable prices in rustic infrastructure .


bobby Dennie

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