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laos on the river

laos on the river

I’m planing my route to be sure to be on time at the airport in on July 8 in the morning. From here, it’s more than a thousand miles to cover in a short time under uncomfortable conditions. What do you want?! The flight from Laos to other destinations is expensive, so not in my budget for go back home.

  • July 5 night bus from Luang Prabang to Vientiane 140,000 kip $ 17.50
  • July 6 – Cross the Friendship Bridge to Thai border 15 000 kips $ 2
  • Tuk tuk to the train station 60 baht $ 2
  • Night train in Nong khai at 6:20 p.m. to Bangkok 500 baht $ 15
  • July 7 – Moving to the airport and wait for my plane in the morning 300 baht $ 10
  • I will be in City of Angel(Bangkok)around 7 o’clock in the morning. I’m going to leave my bag at the station exploring the city and get to the airport at 21 pm

    I have to finish the Shampoo website and promotional brochure before leaving Luang Prabang. I put all my effort and I get to near finish all the project. i have just little details and glitch to fix. Thank you, to Pearlyn for correcting my English because i’m not perfect. Mr. shampoo and I are really pleased with the printed copy of its new brochure. Much more professional than his previous promotional booklet.

    I have no time to lose. I’m going to the bank get my money via Western Union Co. to cover my travel expenses to the airport in Bangkok, Thailand. I leave my computer to the care of a young French man who asked to use it a few minutes earlier.

    I arrive at the Western Union office located 10 minutes walk from the hostel. The clerk at the desk tell me to wait because the computer network is down. Time passes, customers line up, nothing seems to work, but everyone remained calm and smileys. The minutes are long and endless. I spot a Lao receive kip (lao money) two bricks of 15 cm. She carefully dispose of his in gigantic handbag. Surely the equivalent of about $ 2,000. imagine if it was like that in America we would need to wallet on wheels. An hour later, I was handed my 1.8 million kip and I can finally go back to the hotel with one of my many step yo go home realise.

    I come back, things go wrong my computer crashed and refused to start again. Oh no all my files, I know, time will be long without it. How can I write some news and fix my comeback home? I’ll deal with it….

    bobby Dennie

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