Living on the grave in Manila Philippines

2,000 families have taken up residence in a huge cemetery in the north of Manila

Manila, in the Philippines, is one the most populous city of the entire planet. It’s population of more than ten million inhabitants, ranks it just behind Bangkok. Living in a big city has housing problems and high prices which sometimes lead to extreme situations.

Poverty in the Philippines is omnipresent and hard to understand. Residents of rural regions are victims of many disasters such as, typhoons, corruptions, terrorism, earthquake and volcano which are affecting the country at repetition So many leave their hometowns to try their luck, in a city already overpopulated, in hope of better futures. With no education and little money, several families live on the streets making little jobs which are often illegal or dangerous. Many of them live in junk shelters made with what they could find -some rock plywood and plastic. All the vacant lands, private or public, are in demand, no matter whether they are near the dumpster and even in the cemetery.

Over 2,000 families have taken up residence in a huge cemetery in the north of Manila city in the district of Navotas. Living above and among the graves , many lives are being born and these places are also where some will end.

I suggest you watch this short powerful documentary on 2000 families find refuge in this cemetery.


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