Red alert in America

It happened now, it’s been a year I was expect it. This last week I can’t sleep. I was stressed. I know it will not be a piece of cake. My faithful friend dan just take me to the bus terminal. Butterflies in my stomach are already present. The bus takes me to the airport for 2:30 in the morning. I’ll know that it will be painful. I don’t like customs, specialy the U.S. one. Besides the United States are now in red alert after a failed attempt of terrorism just during Christmas celebrations.

I try my passport in the automatic service, I see my name and my direction on the screen but is write to wait near for an bord agent.It is 3 o’clock in the morning he will descend from the ceiling I guess. I begin to tell me the ticket is it ok, I received it from internet. i’m not sure at all and especially me, there may be a glitch. I booked on Expedia, the ticket that i want buy came Sold out before I proceed with the transaction and rebecome available. $ 869 one way for Bangkok was a good buy may be too good I thought. Well there is an endless lineup to open the celebration, I find amateur guide who visited Vietnam several times and this time take a couple of friends with him. he came back nerveous by saying he just opened an office follow me. The worst is to come out a display show the rate for luggage too heavy. The couple’s female friend said how it was hard to enter all his baggage by weighing on his personal balance. $ 25 per kilo is good if that cost me a $ 100 unexpected. I pass the first control of American airline polite but not very good but ok. my bag begins to weigh increasingly heavy. My brother in Laos wants a laptop, oven furniture, canned pizza sauce, I can not refuse him is privilege but is represent another weight on my shoulders and unfortunately in my bag. For me with all this stress it easily exceeds 100 pounds.

The custom officer put my bag on the lift and by is gone in 2 seconds part. good going to the slaughterhouse, I spend the first pre-control, everything seems alright. I look at the guidelines, I have nothing liquid this time go forward, what do you have in your bag, humm, I have two laptops and it happened now, it’s been a year I expect to go. This last week I hardly sleep, I was stressed, I know it will be hard before came here. My faithful friend dan just take me to the bus terminal. Butterflies are already present. The bus takes me to the airport for 2 hours 30 minutes in the morning I’ll know that its not the cake I hedge customs, especially airports U.S. Customs. In addition, the United States are on red alert after a failed terrorist attempt in the vicinity of Christmas celebrations. I try my passport at the box office service, I see my name and my route on the screen, but wrote an attendant to wait near the counter. It is 3 o’clock in the morning they go off the ceiling I guess. I’m beginning to think my ticket is it OK, I received one of the Internet, but sometimes especially me, there may be a glitch.

In another area, I spoke with a nice girl who goes to South America. someone grab feriously my backpack i turned out violently i saw a black women who told me that I passed her with a angry face. I apologize 2 times, but his son staring at me as if he wanted to boxing me. It’s because we are at the custom here, I leave a couple of people among us have enough stress in my stomach. Passport control all goes well I’m finally in the American zone, I sweat on the forehead … very tired and slept, and yes it’s not finished yet we lined up to go to our landing dock. I’m afraid to fall unconscious knees banging, a final check seems it. My computer gear has transformed my experience in a painful departure. Finally, the last body check, but the Montreal police are nice and let me pass without extending all my things on the table.


Finally, i’m in my first of 3 planes, a small device capacity of 60 people with very limited commodities, American Arline is not my first choice, but nevermind. Finally, in Chicago, we must find our plane hurry in 40 minutes. I’m follow the other travelers who mostly take the same flight to Tokyo. I was losing up, I ask to security where are international departures they says I have to go out and take a shuttle to the next terminal. I found my flying mates into the bus so I was on the good path. in the lineup of Japan Arline i’m already feels more comfortable and important. Super good movies like District 9 and Up from pixar are my choices for the flight. A great bench and free drink, I am quiet and I drink a glass of red wine while eating. Finally, my appetite is returned. It was time, I thought that it would gone for life.Tokyo is finally there to greet us, an airport in countryside that is far from the image that was made from Japan. Finally, a smoking room, the last airport without doubt where you can drink beer and smoke. I look at the products I changed a few Canadians dollard in Yen. $ 5 to just under 400 yen. Believe me there are electronic products of all kinds, but the price is very expensive.

I’m satisfy myself, by go on the Internet 10 minutes for 100 yen a lot cheaper and effective than all other airports and especially the Montreal one. On my way to Bangkok controls are really polite and brief. The aircraft is less spacious, but I’m already asleep during the safety video and I sleep most of the flight of 6 hours. Bangkok is finally here, luggage eventually emerge. Bizarre my luggage seems so light than I opened it to be sure it was mine. We enters the country as in a shopping mall in Thailand … I go out moist heat is on rendez-vous, I throw my underwear and my winter coat double in the garbage. Well organized this boy.

I take a taxi at the second floor, because when we exit directly on arrival the taxis offer the most luxurious and expensive one. I negotiate the driver who obviously not want to start his counter, he asks me 500 baht i say 400 baht is a deal for both of us, he tries several times to major the price, but I prepare my money and I say at worst I get out and give him and go.He tries to stop the taxi, but I not understand why, because he know where is going. I even took care this time to take the phone number of the hotel. Bangkok is so huge and change so rapidly that even taxis are lost.

I go out for a beer. I meet 2 Thais and go with them in their little apartment and watch TV on a concrete floor covered with plastic wrap. We drive the motorbike in Bangkok at a fast pace, maybe I will love this city finally. We drink and listen the scorpion that everyone loves here. Don’t asked me why. I go home to bed in my tiny bedroom with ceiling fan, no toilet or television. 250 baht with $ 8 Canadian, i can not ask too much, I’m alone and I’m easygoing.

bobby Dennie

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