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bangkok train station

Bangkok train station

– I finally arrived at the station Hua Lamphong Bangkok. I kept my luggage in secured area for $ 3 and I was going to rediscover crazy Bangkok.

– I ate my first bacon sausage in a booth just clean enough for my taste.

– I was near the metro station. I looked ahead and went inside imitating the gestures of people around me like a child’s first day of school.

– I bought points to sukumwit, modern subway with the same general rule of all metros of the world. Nobody spoke, only the sounds of the next station announcements in Thai and English resonating.

– I went out walking the streets. It was about 7:00 am and everything was closed . Bangkok for once looked like it was under the influence of a powerful sedative.

– Thirty minutes passed and the streets were  jam packed with motorcycles, taxis and bicycles all fighting for their places on the asphalt.


– I got lost in the endless streets of Bangkok even the tiniest alleys contained surprises.

– Patpong looks like a street without history apart from its funny signs like Super Pussy Club.

– I tried to take a motorbike taxi, but they were asking for too much baht; 200 baht to Khao San Road the backpacker’s headquater.

– I took a taxi and asked him to put the meter on to Khao San Road. I will not be swindled! We advanced into the city and the meter increased quietly, everything was under control. We passed a toll station. I had to pay 30 baht ($ 1), we drove and we drove. I never thought it was that far. Another toll at 30 baht ($ 1) and there was a traffic jam. Are we near yet? I lost all enthusiasm. After more than 30 minutes by taxi, we finally arrived at the vagabond travelers neighborhood. Yes, but I did not fare well with economics ; if we count the toll it cost me more than 200 baht ($ 6.60)

– I viewed some of my pictures of my arrival here in Khao San Road six months of ago. A real clash of the evil city as we could see in my film « Bangkok the big pineapple« .

« I will go visit the hotel where I was born this year in Asia on 1 January 2010. The welcoming wild orchid,, still had the same incredible staff and they recognized me six months later after spending only four days in this hotel. They seemed happy to see and hear from me. This is probably due to my irresistible charm they could not forget. lol

khao san road

– I logged onto the Internet for 10 baht (33cents) 15 minutes to send updates to my family.

– My girlfriend made me go buy some new clothes. Mine were half clean and overheated during my trip so far. « You will look like a homeless person, » she said. Yes … she is right as well to pass customs « chick and swell »

– Shopping is not really my specialty, it’s a bit difficult for me. I’m not a great dealer. I walked along the many booths of gadgets and clothes in Khao San Road. No way! I don’t buy  t-shirts with the logo of the local beer or ‘I Love Bangkok’  printed on it like 75% of  the backpackers do. I visited several stores along the street and some shops around the vicinity. They often offer the same merchandise in a different order. Prices are never displayed and you should always bargain to get a better deal. Haggle further and they will ask you how much you are willing to pay. After settling on what seems like a good deal, you find some other shop with the same item that is 2 times cheaper. Don’t worry the prices are still much lower than in your country. A t-shirt of good quality for 150 baht ($ 5) or Volcom shorts for 250-300 baht ($ 8-10) is still a pretty good deal. Everything is about perception and interpretation, set a price in your mind that you want to pay for an item and stand your ground.

– I changed into my new clothes and refreshed myself a little bit in the toilet (well in the sink!) of the hotel. I was almost new man now. My girlfriend would be proud of me if she were here lol


– Something bugged me suddenly. I hadn’t had a massage here in six months. My back had been suffering for a long time. Sky’s is the limit ,let’s spend the money. I usually drank  beer to cure my body. It would take an hour off my waiting time and ease the pressure of my adventure  home, yeah let’s go! I walked the streets looking for the right place to relieve my backache. There, massage parlours are at every corner. Finally I chose a studio which seemed more professional with some pretty girls for sure. What kind of massage would you like to have? I’ll go for a back and head one. Good, it  is 200 baht ($ 7) for one hour a real bargain. OK, give me 200 baht immediately, I joked and said that I got no money. The lady was not happy . No no I’m kidding, here is the money. OK, take off your shoes and follow me. She washed my feet with a brush and soap in a small bowl. What happiness!

We entered the massage room ;a Zen atmosphere with candles as lighting  coupled with air conditioning . She told me to put on a pair of large cotton kimono pants and give her a shout when I’m ready. She returned and started the massage. What bliss. Why do I profit of that service in the last hours here? Too late next time I will do more often. The oils are magic, we always hope that as a male in this situation to have no physical reaction and  appear unprofessional (you know what I mean!). The massage was completed and I felt very well. I was expecting a little more, but for $ 7 it was much appreciated. I am talking about healing, intensity of execution and not ‘a little extra’ as many of you would imagine. pervert!  To be continued …

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