Sangkhlaburi Thailand, yoga refugee and volunteer

I just receive a postcard from Carlo my friend from Philippines. I met him on my trip in Luang Prabang, a nice guy with a heart ,pretty good camera skills and a dolphins lover….i’m gone for christmas with my family in Thailand and Laos a report will follow, for help you wait here the Carlo postcard…

Sangkhlaburi is located along the Thai-Myanmar border. The region is home to immense beauty but a community without a country. This area is home to many refugees fleeing war, forced labor and poverty in Burma.


One of the many foundations here is Baan Unrak (House of Joy). The foundation of Baan Unrak is the Neo-Humanist philosophy of universal love. There are over 140 children and a number of single mothers staying in this home. There are volunteers from all over the world sharing their time, talent, and love to these beautiful souls and in return learns more about themselves and Life in general, as I did. Visit to know the many ways on how to help.

Cheers mate!


Phuket Experience Charitable – 2 jours / 1 Nuit

Community Connection – Phuket

Location: Sangkhlaburi, Thailand

trois pagodes thailand

Sangkhlaburi, is well worth visiting. Watch out for the dogs (pick up a stone and it should scare them off). Alcohol is not welcome is not permit to be drunk in public and doing would be disrespectful. The villagers speak Mon as their first language, so don’t be surprised if they cannot understand your Thai.

Sangkhlaburi is strange place but is well worth visiting. Is off the tourist trail and his a great place to see the real Thailand (at least one of is many flavor). The place is well known to Thais who come here for relaxing weekends away, or alternatively parties on the floating houses. But violence is not unknown here and the market area in the centre of town is probably best not explored after it closes.

Get in

Buses go direct from Mo Chit station in Bangkok to Sangkhlaburi. The first ones leave at around five o clock and pass through Kanchanaburi on the way. The trip takes around 5-6 hours and can be up to 7-8 from Bangkok.


Visit Three Pagodas Pass and the border market (and, if the border’s open, cross over to Payathonzu, on the Myanmar side of the border). The road out to Three Pagodas Pass passes a side-road to a waterfall.

Stroll around town, go for a swim in the lake, relax, enjoy the sunrises and sunsets.
-Join an organised trek into the surrounding jungle

Visit www.baanunrak.orgChildren’s Home for their Wednesday night dinner and yoga show. Make a generous donation. Volunteer opportunities may be available.

Didi école Sangkhlaburi


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