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Singapore is a small country but surprisingly, after more than two years of living here, I still discover the odd nice spot and other attractions. The country always has interesting and hidden corners that never fails to amaze me.

At first, I visited most of the popular attractions of the official tour, but there are a lot more when you scratch beneath this shiny polish of an aristocrat modern city. Visiting my friend Martin has allowed us to perfect the play tourists on Sunday for a day of fun without us taking the lead.

Sentosa Island is a resort of great entertainment in Singapore. The country, and with a limited space; has kept most of its wonderful greenery, including this small island. Formerly a British military base which was transformed, it traces its beginnings to its real small or ‘Walt Disney Theme Park’ a world class treat for the whole family.

Sentosa Island and its surrounding area has the major attractions of Singapore. After paying S $ 3 for an entry fee onto the monorail costs continue to flow with great speed! The offer of activities is large and attractive. The bill can mount quickly if you do not keep a cool head. Foe example – Singapore Underwater World, will set you back $ 29 dollars and $ 90 for the freefall simulator, Oh and don’t forget to try your luck on small poker game at the Casino! And even then – I am no way near getting through to the other hundreds of exciting opportunities that are available on this fantastic island!

Universal Studio Singapore

Being on a budget does not mean you should avoid Sentosa, but you will not get to see the free activities advertised in glossy brochures. Visited by some five million people a year – we find among others: a range of 2 km long, two golf courses, two five-star hotels and resorts World Sentosa, with the theme park Universal Studios Singapore.

Once visited the island, there is no charge for breakfast, sky-train, or bus that will bring you (and for free) to various points of interest. It’s perfect for an overview of all the possibilities of the island, as well as overlooking the scenery of the sea and the port of Singapore. The most economic way to spend some of your time is enjoy the beaches. The water is not the most clear and you can see dozens of large cargo of goods by sea parked against the pristine white sand. It is perfect for lying in the great outdoors and soaking up the sun. Palawan beach is perfect for families with its beautiful fountains, affordable restaurants, and artists to entertain children during the free weekend. Siloso Beach is for holiday makers to work on their tan, to be seen by the crowd, socializing, and join in a game of beach volleyball. This beach offers restaurants, trendy cafe, Jacuzzis, and a surf simulator in price as the jet set place.

We still made a special it a special time with tourists and Martin was the first of my friends to come out to see me since I lived in Singapore. Obviously it’s less than 2 years since we visited the island, and already, several new world class attractions have opened their doors since our last visit!

Sentosa island singapore merlion

Our budget and limited time beckoned us to choose the new mega-Marine Life Park Aquarium SEA. The new complex is impressive at first sight and it has a right kind of exposure to the Asian seas with colorful pieces and explanatory texts. We went on Sunday, (a bit of an error), as it was a bit crowded and the people grew as the day went on. The children were all fired up with wide smiles and Kodaks flashed like a 70s disco strobe. Overall it’s pretty impressive, glass tunnels with fish surrounding us and everybody saying wow! But of course it has nothing to do with the huge aquarium with 4 floors, the piece de resistance, which justifies the visit and the ticket price by itself. Finally we were able to have our living space and watch the show through the happy eyes of children. It’s really worth going, and the children especially love the rides. And if you really feel like flashing your money around, then rent a room with a window into the vast sea, and that will empty your wallet.

One can easily spend half a day to observe the fish, tabulations and impressive infrastructure. It is better to avoid the weekend because there are a lot of Singaporeans who are added in large numbers to the already large crowd. At first, we thought $ 29 was a lot. But after visiting, we think it was worth it.

Here is an incomplete list of special activities and not free, but very interesting:

The Adventure Cove

, a new water park attached to Universal Studio seems not too bad, but small places are limited and the choice does not seem huge, the park Wild Wild WET is less in Pasir techno, but is more affordable and larger than the newcomer.

sentosa wave house singapore


($ 35 – $ 50 10.30am-10.30pm), is the only surfing simulator in Asia, it is difficult for beginners, but the price is cheaper for the easier wave and a little more for the big wave. The simulation is so realistic that people successfully stand on the board, and filled with orgasmic bliss.

Universal Studios Sentosa

are rides centered over the magic of Hollywood. The rides are good – the Battlestar Galactica roller coaster ride to the 4D Transformers and Jurassic Park water ride, with animatronic dinosaurs. The problem is that you’ll probably have to queue for over an hour. We especially loved the cute child zones, such as – Madagascar and Far Far Away (Shrek based); in short, it is not too bad, but be patient and be prepared to queue. Cost: Adults $ 68 – $ 74, children 4-12 $ 50 – $ 54 Daily 10am-7pm)

If you visit Singapore one day, do not hesitate to visit the island of Sentosa, it has much to offer and plan your schedule activity according to the budget you are willing to spend to have fun. It may be a small budget. Do some beach trips and a little shopping or go for the total experience with a portfolio and not afraid to undress.

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