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My third visit in orient since 2007. Many years before stepping in asia, whitout know why i had lot of interest on asia. his peoples, his food and culture always got my attention. The day i visit asia finaly arrive. I was in tokyo airport for an hour in bangkok direction. i had stranges feelings invading me of familiar, serenity and mystery. this event had change my life forever. I was transform in a tiny human in front of these human ocean, megapolis of thousand electric miroir tower building and is wide culture born millenium before america was even found. constant collision of the million golden bouddhas and the modernism in a surrealist harmony of culture and technology can leave anybody indiferent.

Kids smile Laos

Kids smile Laos

After sleeping and take some times for me my first brutal impression leave to let me discover the real spirit of orient. The one hiden in the little streets of the huge city and the country side village in the heart of the residents. After sharing the daily life of the average peoples and expats, i decide to communicate people my feeling and the real face of asia through my eyes and penpals living in all south east asia countries. We will try communicate our passions and new found treasure in simple, dynamic and straight to the point langage. I flying soon again from my cold canada to asia visit another tiny part of the wide south est asia.

I know Laos pretty good, i live there 2 times for more than six month. I got some friends, family and i know culture and langage well for study it a couple of months. I will base my headquater in ventiane Laos for better explore is surronded neighbords. I hope to visit with you, Laos, vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and cambodia. At this moment, no schedule is fixed. I go with my laptop, my backpack with the strict necessary. I’m gonna find where the road will push me. The only things i’m sure is my way will be fulfill of adventure and surprise. On my arrival in Bangkok airport i will figurate where i go. I wanna go Thailand beach first to forget my cold introduction of winter in Canada. On my possible first trip: a bit of crazy Pattaya and is excess, a stop on the simple an rustic koh Samed island one of the thailand people favorite and final step to visit my french friend resort on Koh Chang the second biggest island of Thailand. After i will go reach my headquater and my brother in Laos for wait for my visa.

bobby Dennie

GetLostinAsia est édité par Bobby Dennie un canadien amoureux de l'Asie basé à Singapour qui couvre le terrain depuis 2007. visitez la page a propos GetLostinAsia is edited by Bobby Dennie a Canadian based in Singapore. I am a South East Asia travelling Junkie.I am writing and discovering asia since 2007.

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