On the way from Luang Prabang to Luang Prabang Laos

My brother in law asks me why I do not find work in Laos. I replied that I don’t know I never find a job that has answered my skills. I look on the internet and I found a job that exactly meets my skills in northern Laos. More precisely at Luang Prabang for a trekking company called Tiger Trails. promote the company on the net is just a job that I can accomplish with success. I was remake a c.v and sent him to five hours, the next morning I received an email saying they are interested in meeting me to discuss a possible collaboration. I await my money to be able to go meet the person in charge. I expect my money already for three weeks and I am now in « overstay » for 15 days already. I must now exit in Thailand and return to Laos. In Laos we can extend visa two times for a month without leaving the country, but after we have to go out to have another official visa.

So I took the bus from Talat Sao (Morning Market) in Vientiane in direction of the Friendship Bridge (Friendship Bridge) to cross the Thai border and re-enter Laos for the modest sum of 15,000 kip ($ 2 ). Once at the counter of immigration, I warned the customs that I am « overstay » and I know I’ll have to pay. She tell me to wait and took me away in an office where I must pay the sum of U.S. $ 160 for 10 day. I am very friendly with them and he asks me where I go, I tell them that I am going to Thailand for my visa and come back. He smiled and said thank you, bon voyage!. In one hour, I’m back in Vientiane a real achievement. the Lao customs is usually really slow. But this time, no one at the border probably because people are afraid to go to Thailand after the event related to the red shirts in Thailand. When people do not go to Thailand, it does not come to stay in Laos.

I prepare my luggage and I asked my brother in law to come with me on the main street to take a tuktuk to the bus station. I ask to take me to the train station to go to Luang Prabang. Once delivered to the station I look at the possible destinations, but there is no Luang Prabang. I’m at the station go to the south of Laos. I have to take another tuktuk to go to another station for $ 40,000 kip ($ 5) so I had to pay 2 times my race to get to the right place. 115,000 kip ($ 15) and I have my seat on the bus air-conditioned VIP and in good condition compared with public buses, which often leaves much to desired.

bobby Dennie

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