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I enjoyed my visit to Luang Prabang to visit my friends Simon and Isabelle Quebecers who opened a shop here almost 10 years ago. They have opened since their start here. Bookstore l’Étranger, the Hive Bar and boutique fair products Kop Noi (little frog in Lao). They are always glad to live here and they return their happiness by redistributing some of their wealth to the local community. For example the project Stay another day in Laos, which promotes eco-responsible tourism. Give us idea of activity with its publication, multimedia exhibition and its website has to stay longer to Laos to unique experiences while contributing to economic development and less rich people of this country. By purchasing local handcrafts, or taking part in a trek that you will make you discover the culture of the local people while leaving more than 30% of your expenses in its economy which has need more than enough. You can learn more about the agencies and their activities by visiting this site:

They are also now producing documentaries including one on the last small-scale production of cotton in the world which is still practiced in Laos. They are also a reference for the government tourism office and association in Laos. I’m really proud to know people with the heart in the right place, with their initiative, change the world in their own way. Act locally to change the world globally is one of the best ways to contribute.
The Stranger library offers an exchange service, sales and loan book at good prices for travelers. Its cozy atmosphere offers a selection of tea, tapas, and tasty lunch tasted to accompany your reading. The second floor is used to heat shelters with air conditioning much appreciated its free wireless internet and its selection of films on the big screen every night at 19 pm

The bar along Hive is a must in Luang Prabang. Since its modest beginnings a few years ago, can now find everything to satisfy his wildest desires. His beautiful tropical terrace and rear stage show are only some of its assets. It presents a varied program: ethnic fashion show, live music, as breakdancing demonstration energizes by Lao and bboys dance to stretch their legs. Please feel free to enjoy a delicious cocktail or a refreshing pizza on wood fires.

Other notable attractions of Luang Prabang are: the night market open from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on the main street closed to traffic (Sisavangvong Street) is located opposite the famous Mount Phousi. It offers the largest collection of handmade products from across the country. Textiles, clothing, basket and several small wonders await you in an environment without pressure. A place not to miss where you can find unique souvenirs at reasonable prices while practicing bargainers skills. One can also eat local and exotic flavors at ridiculous price in the street at the rear. Follow the smell you can not miss it.

The edge of the legendary Mekong: A beautiful river views, several terraces to enjoy the Lao food and international cuisine a reasonable price.

The Royal Palace: One of the must-visits of the city is the museum to better understand the history of Luang Prabang. Built in 1904, around a blend of traditional Lao and French classical style, this residence has housed the royal family until their exile, the date from which it became a museum. A room containing one of the most valuable of Laos, the Pha Bang Buddha in gold, which gave its name to the city.

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