Things to do this without breaking the bank in Singapore: Activities

Singapore view from the barrage

Some activities to Singapore

Cineleisure orchard Road / cineleisure.html
Cathay Cineleisure is developed around the theme of movies. A mixture of energetic and trendy pleasure, shopping, health spa, social clubs, and 20 theatres. Everything is planned to keep you entertained; comfortable sofa, billiard rooms, small lounge and a outdoor disco in the street in front of the mall. On weekends, you can watch movie 24 hours. That can help solve your insomnia problems or a place to go after clubbing in town. A good place to see weird youths like the ladyboy I saw dancing.

mustafa 24 hour mall
Mustafa Centre

Go shopping at 4 am, no problem. The popular Mustafa Centre is open 24 hours. You can find everything under one roof at more competitive prices compared to other stores in Singapore. You can be lost in this store if you are not careful. Perhaps, the centre is crowded on weekends, the service is chaotic and security is a bit nervous. Some people got problems with police because their baby had taken something and don’t notice it.

Night safari

A visit to the Night Safari is not stunning, but entertaining. It`s hard to find an outdoor activity in the dark where you can discover the wild and nature safely and well organized. For about $ 20 you got access to fire-eater show, a one hour show featuring the predators of the night, a 45 minutes tram ride with commentary in the park and 3 different paths to discover by foot. It’s worth the visit if you have time.

prawn fishing
Pêche aux crevettes géantes
Catching your own prawns, have a beer, grill you catch on the BBQ pit provided. It is always something magical to catch his own meal. This fun activity is becoming quite popular with locals during the weekend. Everything happens at the end of a rod with bait. If you’re lucky, maybe you will catch a giant prawn of over 20 centimetres. Do not think that’s easy to catch. In order to be a good fisher requires knowledge and agility. But beer bites every time.

Nex mall Serangoon

We decided to visit the new shopping mall Nex to see what the buzz was all about. Once in front of the huge modern structure, we noticed immediately that the construction does not seem to be finished yet. We did not have access to the main entrance of the carpark. There are rumours that on opening night, about a month ago, there was a monster traffic jam outside the carpark. The architects seemed to have made some mistakes. Once parked with the help of security staff, we’re ready to visit the new Hall of spending money. A narrow corridor leads to the elevators with very limited capacity. Once in the main hall we feel a little compressed, the ceilings are low and corridors on floors are rather narrow. It’s like a maze. The lower floors are larger and higher and simulate a real city street. There’s even an actual size 7eleven. There are many shops that are already known like Courts, Sasa, McDonald’s and KFC. There is some curiosity as the specialised remote control store, the Pet Safari spread across two floors that offers cakes for animals. They are crazy, those Singaporeans. The Japanese foodcourt and restaurants selection offering a fine array of Asian and western discovery.

prawn fishing
Sentosa Island

This tiny island of 5 kilometres square called Sentosa or peace and tranquillity in Malay also has a dark history. The Malays called it the « dead back » or the island of death for its malaria pandemic that has decimated its population at the end of the decade of 1840. Things have changed, because today this tiny land surrounded by water has become the island of a thousand and one treasures. It`s with trillion dollars that the private interests and the Singapore government have turned it into a paradise of pleasures. Beach, upscale restaurants, golf course, surf simulator, Universal Studio theme park , 3D cinema, luge ride, underwater aquarium and the list keeps growing every month.


You can start your visit from VivoCity Shopping Mall, boarding the monorail or cable car that gives a breathtaking view over the bay and its fantastic infrastructure.

There are so many things to see and do on the island that it is hard to describe one’s experience. One can also simply visit by car by crossing the bridge, giving you a nice point of view on the impressive statue of the Merlion and the Universal Studios theme park. It costs only $ 11 with admission to the island and parking all day. From there, you can choose from a wide range of activities. You may also like to take it easy, enjoying the sunshine and the beach. Nothing stops you from bringing your own picnic and your drinks or get it from stores along the beach. The scenery is so impressive that we forget that just in front on the sea hundreds of commercial ships waiting to be served at the port. We did not believe too than on the other side of the shore is the center of a metropolis.

There are many wonderful things to see here’s a little list

Three beaches on 3 kilometres of sand along the coast. There, Siloso Beach, the most developed and commercial, offering many restaurants and trendy products, but also more expensive. The Palawan Beach is quieter and has good views to take pictures and a suspended rope bridge. Tanjong Beach; a quiet spot to enjoy the sand and wild. It’s perfect to be relax and eat your own food.

prawn fishing
WAVE House Sentosa

is a « high-tech » surf simulator, perfect for an island that has beaches shaped by man and nature, but no natural waves. It offers two types of surfing, one for gliding over the waves on a skim board or the full simulation that requires great agility to keep his balance on the board. All these thrill in a sparkling atmosphere to have good time, punk rock music, Giant video screen in the background, chicken wings and vodka RedBull. All the ingredient to have a nice trip!

universal studio singapore
Universal Studio Theme Park

The great Hollywood theme park opened its doors in late 2009. The park offers several attractions inspired by Dreamworks ‘ animation studio, including Shrek, Madagascar and the Battlestar Galactica twin roller coaster. A nice setup of the Mummy and a Waterworld adrenaline aquatic show. Lots to see and live with a child’s heart, it’s still a little expensive to spend the day, more than $ 50. But to relive one’s teenage years or make children smile, this is priceless just like what the visa advertisement said.

Segway Eco Adventure
Segway Eco Adventure

I do not understand the buzz, but it is supposed to be green to ride off-road Segway on the trails is good for broken geeks …

Skyline luge Sentosa

A hill ride in sleds on slopes, it can be nice to try in couple or family.

Zip Adventure Park

Adventure Park Zip giant zip offers nice thrills, be dragged at high speed on a rope with a safety harness.

nature singapore
Walk in nature

there are some path in the forest that allows us to views the nature of Singapore and join the other attractions of the island while stretching your legs.

tiger tower
Tiger Sky Tower

an observation tower provides a breathtaking view over the island and the city of Singapore, which faces it, $ 12 for up and down seemed a bit expensive.

Attractions such as multimedia

3D 4D Magix or Cine Blast can be attractive for families. It still a bit sketchy.

Segway Eco Adventure
aquarium underwaterworld

This huge aquarium has huge windows to watch stingrays, sharks, jellyfish and hundreds of marine species in a tunnel with a panoramic view of the underwater world.
-You can swim with pink dolphins and becoming their coach for a magical day.

Diving with sharks, share their world with these fascinating creatures, the dugong an endangered species close cousin of the manatee and other marine mammals. Even non-certified divers can take part in this activity out of the ordinary.


Ifly Singapore

Strengthening his position of leader of tourist destinations, a new attraction will open its doors soon in Singapore. The iFly Singapore will be the largest free-fall simulator in the world. No less than twenty surfers can perform tricks at the same time in a ultra modern wind tunnel of 15 million.

Downtown East park
Downtown East

Amusement park and « shopping centre » dedicated to the pleasure of shopping, eating and having a good time. This complex promises to delight young and old with his theme parks like the Wild Wild West water park and the inner park dedicated to the fantasy world for children. There are also plenty of space reserved to the eating pleasure, there’s a wide range of international delicacies, Thai, Indian, Malay, Japanese, Western and Italian. From Fast food restaurant to the 4 stars. You can also stay at the resort at two minutes walk which includes a cafeteria, a ‘mini-mart’, a BBQ pit for each room and a swimming pool. The place is it seems a bit noisy, because young Singaporeans like to go picnicking.

botanic garden
Le Jardin Botanique

You have nothing to do at sunrise, everything is closed, and you have time to kill. go to Botanical Garden, which opens 5 am until midnight every day. The park is huge and offers a wonderful place to relax under the tree. There are many people, but the park is large and quiet. There are many species to see everything for free or you can visit the most extensive orchid park in the world with over 3000 varieties for a cheap $ 5 Singapore.

Participate in a marathon contest

Singaporeans love endurance competitions such as watching over 100 hours of movies without interruption and without sleep or touch a car for more than three days without faint.

orchard road
walk around orchard road

If you need a shopping fix , go along Orchard Road. The shopping capital of Singapore. The street is crowded with upscale chic shops like Gucci, dozens of huge shopping mall we can find everything from the $ 5,000 handbags to the latest electronic gadget through a festival kitsch souvenirs.

Cheap electronics

Tokyo may have the latest electronic gadgets to hit the market, but Singapore has a wider choice. All can be found under one roof in the two great temples of electronics. Video camera, laptop, mobile phone, mp3 player and more. all brands and models are available at Funan Digitalife Mall and Sim Lim Square. Prices are generally 10 to 20% percent cheaper than anywhere else on the planet. For my experience, there is no great bargain, but the choice is amazing

singapore flyer
Le Flyer

The big wheel is 165 meters wide and just like several attractions of the country it holds a world record; one of the world’s tallest. Despite all the photos and media buzz bringing by this infrastructure, people in Singapore do not ride aboard often. It’s a bit far from everything and $ 30 for 30 minutes is a lot of money to get laid in this way. Fortunately you’ll never have to queue. The best time to board is at sunset when the skyscrapers light their magnificent light

geylang distrrict

Long time ago, this town was the first red light district of Singapore. There are still traces of his dark past, but today the area is also famous for other reasons. This district has an atmosphere rooted in its colonial architecture. Its narrow streets and pedestrian walkways offer the best foods of the island. Several revisited fusion meal of Indian classical, Malay and Chinese regional cuisine includes rice with coconut, chicken curry, nasi lemak the Bali spice noodles with roast pork and several delicacies hidden around the neighbourhood .

geylang distrrict
Fort Canning Park

A beautiful green spot for history lovers. There is much to see if you got time, the spice garden, an old Christian cemetery, the underground bunkers used during World War II, the Ministry of marriage is not is common to see couples in their wedding dress. There are outdoor concerts free and paid like the Deftones this weekend

sands sky park
Sands SkyPark

A tropical oasis fund raise with many million on the top of three hotel. The garden has 250 trees, a large observation deck and a pool fit for a royal palace. Don’t be afraid of drinking a cocktail in this surreal scene, there many bar and restaurant trendy to serve you. To justify the skyrocketing prices of drinks, you can console yourself by watching the view over the China Sea, the Marina Bay and the skyline exploding of color reflecting off the mirrored skyscrapers. To play the Emperor looked at his kingdom there will cost you $ 20 for adults and free for children under 2 years. You can play the perfect tourist and listen to an audio device tell the history of the building and the neighborhood.


As in any good metropolitan city that respects itself, there is a large Chinatown to visit. Singapore’s population is made up to 80% of Chinese, Chinatown is one of the most authentic. There are
several temples and shop offering traditional art, restaurants offering fine dining and cuisine as it found in the streets of Beijing. A good place to find clothes of silk, satin, exotic products and products that can be found in our one dollar stores.

est coast park
East Coast Park

Beautiful park by the sea with a stretch of beach about 3 kilometres. You can go for a bike ride, you can rent bikes by hour for a reasonable price in many shops set along the beach strip. You can rent tricycles, tandems, rollerblades, mountain biking and lots of other equipment that can enhance your day and make us lose some kilo.

You can also simply walk to discover a place to sit and talk while enjoying the sea breeze in your hair. We can see all the boats park on the horizon as witnesses of Singapore one of the largest seaports in the world. A great place to watch the sunset and to see colour changing with the coming of darkness. There are many Singaporeans and expatriates who enjoy nature especially Malaysians, Filipinos and a few Indians who like to come with family and friends for a picnic or a BBQ. We can camp by renting a place with BBQ as many people do. The park really belongs to everybody, the corners of greenery and tranquillity is rare in SG so that park is very popular on weekends. There are also plenty of small restaurants, fast food, a 24 hours 7Eleven and public facility with shower and toilet. A little piece of heaven for taking it easy without going broke in the middle of this urban jungle.

pasir ris park
Pasir Ris Park

A nice little park with majestic trees, games for children, protecting area for kayaking, sailing and cycling. A good family place not too busy.

Little India

Prepare to be transported through the streets of Bombay or Mumbai. Everything is there honking cars at every corner, groups of Indian sitting in the grass to drink their beer, families in traditional dress for go shopping the streets are very busy is the only observable chaos throughout the country. Everything is like being in India, nothing is formatted for tourists and that’s why people like it

Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands

The super-casino in Singapore, whose opening has been postponed until late April and we can understand why when you see this huge infrastructure. Ice Rink, a canal where you can take a ride in a gondola like in Venice, super luxury stores such as Ferrari, Gucci, Mont Blanc called a mark of prestige it has settled here. The Casino is one of the most profitable of the world breaking the revenue of Las Vegas one. Singaporeans have to pay $ 100 for access and free for foreigners. Beautiful place to lose your shirt.

marina barage
Marina Barrage

It’s a fresh water reservoir in the heart of the city and is also a place for water sports lovers can practice their hobby in peace. You can have a picnic in the garden on the roof, another place to make beautiful photo. Many people come to fly their kites and take nice pictures.

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