Yellow Fever White men fetishes for Asian women

From where White men fetishes for Asian women come from.

Since the emergence of Asia in the mainstream pop culture , the syndrome affects one quarter of the North American and European  male population. Even big names such as John Lennon and Baseball star Pete Rose, were achieved. I’m talking about the Yellow Fever or « fetishism » vis-à -vis Asian women .

This is what the director Debbie Lum tries to unravel , with its web documentary They’re all so beautiful..


The web series, which is actually a promotional tool for the « real » documentary Seeking Asian Female – ask this question I’ve heard a thousand times : Why are white men so attracted to Asian women?


The director was given the task of interviewing several men with the  » yellow fever, » whether they want to admit it or not.


The respondents are the classic symptoms : « If I look at a group of women , I always notice the first Asian woman .  »  » When I see an Asian woman , it’s like, wow , she’s beautiful … like an angel dropped.  »  » I think the physical point of view, I ‘m much more attracted to Asians. « 


Very interesting , but a little too stereotypical for my taste. Without necessarily basher on the white man , it’s not doing him a favor either.


Let me debunk a little bit why we , homo sapiens white westerners love all these Asia damsels. I would enjoy it too stubborn to stop some prejudices about the Asian women .

white men fetishes asian women


At the risk of repeating myself : it’s not because they are subject and insatiable sex beasts . It is often completely the opposite. Believe me , they can be a real pain in the ass. Yes, I speak from experience . And to all those who dream of an Asian chick I say: be careful. They look all pretty and adorable like that, but they can be real man-eating (in the sense mantis or black widow ) .


Chase of not these myths cute and frail schoolgirl, office lady beautiful and dumb , the nunuche the voice of girl , or woman serving tea dress slinky silk.


This image has been fueled in part by the kawaii culture of Japan and K- pop , but also by feminists , frustrated that their movement has never really taken root in Asia. Asian women are anything but submitted. In fact, at home, they are the ones who lead the house . Not only that, demographically speaking, they are among the most educated in the world . They can be really cold , calculated , without heart and efficient. Genre Terminator .


In addition , they drink beer and whiskey , can live without food or water for more than 24 hours without sex – or any form of physical contact – for a lifetime. When they have to submit to it, as they undertake this task. They will all positions of the Kama Sutra Japanese not for fun, but because it is in a textbook.


Especially , Asian women are the only ones to have mastered the art of sprinting shoes with high heels.


And that’s exactly why we love them, because once you pierce the thick armor , all the charms and qualities of their true personality emerge. Yes, I said  » personality. » As incredible as it may be, we , guys , do not think with our joystick.


Then it is time to stop the rhetoric stereotypical and understand that tastes are in nature, as cliché as it may be simplistic .


First episode of They’re All so Beautiful

Premier épisode de They’re All so Beautiful

Carl T. Slater

Carl est un gaijin banlieusard paumé vivant à Funabashi, pas trop loin de Tokyo. Il n'a d'autre chose à offrir que des observations biaisées sur les trois dragons d'Asie, tout en essayant de ne pas trop faire honte à sa femme.

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